Motenashi Kuroki

  饗 くろ喜 ー Motenashi Kuroki . The highly ranked and popular ramen – ya near Akihabara (though Asakusabashi station is closer if you’re going by train). Not to be mistaken with Murasaki Kuroki 紫くろ喜 the concept store selling duck soup base shoyu ramen that they transform into every Friday only . The standard ramen here is their shio clear soup base , which is what I got , but Kuroki is famed for always changing things up and offering special ramen , hiyashi chuka and some forms of mazemen (when I visited last week it was their take on tantan men , a soup – less version) . Back to the shio 特製塩 そ ば I got – visually beautiful . Moritsuke , or the plating, is definitely something they pay attention to. The soup itself , like any shio base, is clear, but the amber tone of the soup was again beautiful . Soup – wise , the heavy chicken (whole carcass , chicken bones and meat) with supporting pork bones Complementing the chicken and pork konbu, roasted Ago fish, and 節系 (I guess katsuo and saba). Then, a blend of 6 different salts are also added. The process of making this broth must be intense. What it all adds up to is a soup which is light texturally on first sip, but depth of flavour and umami. Noodles – you get an option of thin or wide – I chose thin , the default option . The noodles were thin straight , with good bite . Matched well with the soup . Toppings – roast charsi , chicken chars , half boiled egg , fried gobo , komatsuna ( Japanese mustard spinach ) and a shrimp wonton. All executed with quality expected of a chef formerly trained in a ryotei 米特 , as well as in Italian and French . Some may find this bowl of shio soba doesn’t fit their expectation of a bowl of ramen being something heavy and intense , but for me it was a balanced , elegant bowl which I thoroughly slurped.

Address: 東京都千代田区神田和泉町2-15 四連ビル3号館 1F (Tokyo)

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